Tēnā koutou katoa, nau mai haere mai ki tēnei wāhi e pā ana ki rongoā Māori

Welcome, one and all to this place about Māori medicine. 

Our goal is to;

    • provide and share a credible repository of information about Māori medicine

    • promote  authentic rongoā Māori events

    • inspire sharing and learning among rongoā Māori practitioners/healers

    • promote authentic services and products of select Māori healers

Māori medicine assists people of all ages and physical abilities to live vibrant, dignified lives. We do this by working with people to better understand Māori healing concepts so that they can make informed choices about maintaining, restoring or managing their health.

Footnote:   This site presents a largely subjective view of the world of rongoā Māori. Māori are not one people but a group of individual iwi (tribes, extended family groups) many of whom have now intermarried.  Each iwi, hapū and family group has its own ways of doing things, language variants and means of interpreting nature.  One size does not fit all with Māori which is why some interpretations or origins associated with rongoā Māori can vary and at times even conflict.