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Currently we ship to Australia and New Zealand. Ebooks can be sent to email addresses around the world
Currently we ship to Australia and New Zealand. Ebooks can be sent to email addresses around the world

Online Learning

Our goal is to educate and inspire each other to learn about indigenous healing practices through a Rongoā Māori lens. Rongoā Māori the first nations healing practice of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Do you want to do a rongoā Māori class but have just never managed to get there or find one that works for you?

Do you want to learn at a time and place that is convenient for you from respected practitioners?

Are you looking for an EAP program with a difference or to provide continuing professional development for your health professionals or your frontline staff delivering services to Māori and Pasifika clients?

A Journey into Rongoā Māori

A Journey into Rongoā Māori is an opportunity for people who want to connect to indigenous healing wisdoms, through a rongoā Māori lens.


“ it was extremely inspirational and I got quite
emotional and teary-eyed feeling through all of the videos. It’s just perfect.
So beautifully shot/filmed, you can really see/feel Donna’s wairua and love for
Papatuanuku and rongoā Maori. It brings the person ‘home’ it brings a
‘remembrance’. I got a deep feeling of belonging to the whenua/land. It felt
like a very welcoming space. That all were welcome not just Maori or indigenous
and there was no separation between race”

January 2024

“I feel taken to the bush from my home. The content was so engaging, so enjoyable and found myself learning and enjoying it thoroughly! For me, I feel like learning about Rongoā Māori, especially the core te ao Māori foundations has been such a great personal and leadership development experience - giving me tools to better manage and support the wellbeing of myself and those around me, and to better lead, bring the best out of others, act in mana-enhancing ways, feeling greater reverence for Papatūānuku. What a great gift this course is to so many people”


December 2023

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